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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Teenage Fanclub Fanclub

With the release of their new single I'm in Love  bloggers favourites Teenage Fanclub have been all over our small corner of the blogosphere like a rash.
This had me reaching to the Teenage Fanclub section for a six track sampler which came free with the Scotland on Sunday in April or May 2005 in the run up to the release of Man- Made
The six tracks are as follows

1- Slow Fade - a preview of the track from Man-Made
2 - I Need Direction (alternative version) - a  2005 softer version of the track from Howdy!
3 - Please Stay - a new song recorded in March 2005 in Hamilton
4 - The World 'll Be Ok (alternative version) - recorded in Busby in April 2005
5 - I Saw The Light - Todd Rundgren as opposed to Hank Williams- recorded in 1991 with Brendan O'Hare on drums - previously unreleased
6 - Same Place , Different Place- previously issued by  Twisted Nerve on a limited edition 7" in 2003

Two featured today but if you want all six, and I suspect many of you will, just give me a shout.

Teenage Fanclub - Please Stay

Teenage Fanclub -The World'll Be OK (alternative version)


  1. (Jumps up and down, waving arms around in an exaggerated manner) Yes please!

    1. E-mail your contact details to Swede

  2. Would love to hear the Rundgren cover, amigo.

  3. The new single is really good. Sadly, having heard the rest of the album, I can report it's by far the best thing on there. The rest is weak and fey. It's not often I find myself yearning for "the good old days", but TFC were undeniably at their very best during those halcyon years.

  4. I've got this but I don't think that I have ever played it!

  5. I've now played it at least twice Drew!

  6. Like what you do here but a lot of new stuff I have never heard before so getting an education.

  7. Cheers - hope you are enjoying some of the music

  8. Would be very nice if you could