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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Some Sunday Soul

The other day I stumbled across an album I have never knowingly played. In The Heat of the Night by British soul group Imagination. I am reliably informed that it belonged to Mrs CC's sister.
Surely a candidate for the worse album covers category.

In the Heat of the Night - could it be a cover of the magnificent song by Ray Charles from the magnificent film which featured last week?
Sadly not.
Nope it is one of their own and one which reached number 22 in the UK singles chart in 1982.
You will all be more familiar with the other track Just an Illusion which reached number 2 criminally denied the top spot by the Goombay Dance Band and Seven Tears. There were some quality songs released in 1982.

Imagination - In The Heat of the Night

Imagination - Just an Illusion


  1. It's rather sad but on hearing those opening few bars of the first track I thought it could only be Imagination. A terrible terrible song. The second one is marginally better. I expect better songs in the coming week!

  2. Not for me either CC. Talking about bad album covers I seem to remember Rick James had some awful ones

    1. Dreadful. There's two of them in my music room.