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Monday, 8 August 2016

Turning The Town Red

For my birthday Mrs CC very kindly and very thoughtfully got me a portable turntable.
So the muso room now presently houses not one, not two but three turntables!
A man can't have enough turntables.

The main purpose of the recent foray to the Oxfam music shop which I referred to last week was to stock up on vinyl.
Meagre pickings I'm afraid but I came away with three 12 inch singles.
First up is I Wanna Be Adored by Elvis and his Attractions.
A very good song and one that features on Goodbye Cruel World.
However the main reason for purchasing this one was to get my hands on Turning the Town Red a track I did not previously have.
UK readers with long memories and a love of trivia will remember this as the theme tune to Scully a TV series written by Alan Bleasdale where Elvis played  the brother of the title character

Elvis Costello and the Attractions - I Wanna be Loved

Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Turning The Town Red


  1. Elvis just wanted to be loved, Ian wanted to be adored. Two great tunes from Costello's own least favourite period.

  2. Yeah, Elvis always says Goodbye Cruel World is his worst album...I'm not sure I'd agree considering some of his more recent efforts, but this is from the era when I happily devoured anything he put out. I have Turning The Town Red on the GCW special edition CD, I think.

  3. Three turntables? Grandmaster Charity Flash Chic!

  4. This is the one bright spot during the Goodbye Cruel World era... particularly the B-side. I, of course, love the appearance of Green singing backup on the A-side too, but the album was the my first disappointment. EC went with the Langer/Winstanley formula one album too many, but I don't think it's all about production. Some argue that the stripped down versions of these songs heard as demos and on a solo acoustic tour around this time illustrate he still had the chops. I'm not buying it. This is an artist at a low point both personally and professionally. Thankfully, EC rebounded in a big way with King of America.

    1. Spot on Brian. GCW is just so overproduce that I find it difficult to get through. I was never a fan of Almost Blue and it's deep country diving, but it has grown on me over the years more than Goodbye Cruel World.

  5. Indeed King of America and Blood and Chocolate are his best imho

  6. My favourites are Punch The Clock and Mighty Like A Rose, though your choices would be up there too.