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Friday, 5 August 2016

Vintage Country Vinyl - George Jones

This week's featured artist is the one and only George Jones and his 1972 album on RCA Poor Man's Riches.
As the sleevenotes state The Jones Boy Has Done it Again! More Songs of misery and regret (ok I made up that second line)
The pick of the tracks is the great She Thinks I Still Care. However this has featured before so here are another two which I'm sure you will agree are pretty tasty.
Vocal accompaniment by The Jordonnaires in case you were wondering.
I've posted it before but here is a blow up of that natty green suit

More Vintage Country Vinyl next Friday

George Jones - Till I Hear From You

George Jones - Once A Day


  1. I'm a little disappointed that George isn't wearing a green hat to complete the combo. Could anyone else in popular music history have pulled off an a head to toe all-green outfit? I doubt it.

  2. The genius of George Jones: after ten seconds of that first song you just know it'll be a great listen.

  3. ..and that second song is also splendid. So to summarise: George Jones, much better than St Etienne

  4. Another one for dear old Dad. He loved his George Jones. Probably his favorite artist. Memories of this album, CC.