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Tuesday 2 August 2016

Take Your Pretty Hands Off My Heart

This weeks slice of Americana comes from Stewboss with their 2006 album Take Your Pretty Hands Off My Heart recorded on  their own label Stewboss Records out of Calabasas, California.
Recorded over 4 days in Chaos Studios, Escondido, California.
Band members - Greg Sarfaty, Frank Lee Drennen, Jano Janosik and Luke Storey with Cindy Wasserman on harmony vocals.
All the above from the sleevenotes
Supplementary information from the internet  suggests that this is the 5th of 6 albums they have put out. There is also a free download of a track from their 2011 album Pilgrims and Runaways.
Nothing further to report other than these are probably the best two songs on the album.

Stewboss - Cheap Candy Disguise

Stewboss - Swing That Axe


  1. Curiously, I bought two Stewboss albums myself last week. Not the one above, but neither of them featured the track I'm looking for (The Midnight Shift). I'll keep searching.

    1. It's a tough job Rol but someone has to do it

  2. Never heard of 'em, but I enjoyed these two tunes.