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Sunday 28 August 2016

Some Sunday Funky Soul

Most of you will be familiar with  the song War ( the one where you shout - What is it Good For - Absolutely Nothing) either via the Edwin Starr original or the Frankie Goes to Hollywood cover.

It has featured before and if asked to come up with any other Edwin Starr songs I would have probably struggled until a charity shop acquisition of The Essential Collection.
I then realised that I was familiar with Contact but I couldn't have told you that Edwin had sung it.
A number of pleasant funky numbers on the Collection.

I was also unaware that latterly he was more famous in Britain than America and that he made his home here in Bramcote in Nottinghamshire where he died in 2003 aged 61.

Edwin Starr - Contact

Edwin Starr - Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On


  1. Check out, 25 Miles, I Have Faith In You, and Stop Her On Sight. Starr was huge with Scooterists. I'm sure that during the 80s he played a t some of the National Runs.

  2. I have the Essential Collection too. It doesn't include one of his biggest hits: SOS (Stop Her On Sight). Essential?

  3. Interesting stuff about Edwin - You obviously weren't into the disco scene of the late '70s CC as I remember Contact from my dancing days! We even bought the album from the awful film The World is Full of Married Men because it had Contact and loads of other great disco stuff from era on it! Cringe.

  4. I was more of an Indie Disco kind of a guy!

    1. Thought you might have been - Disco was primarily a girl thing, just like Jackie magazine!