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Monday 29 August 2016


I rarely listen to the radio of an evening these days.
However last Monday I caught a snippet of Vic Galloway's Music Review on Radio Scotland
As part of the show he was reviewing three singles with Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai and a reviewer called Graeme Virtue
I missed the first two which were Wanted to Want it To by C Duncan and Conceptual Romance by Jenny Hval.
I did however catch the  third song which completely blew me away
How good is this?

Needless to say it was the pick of the bunch scoring 9/10 from all three of them.
The boy from Mogwai said he could sit and listen to this on a loop all day and he's not wrong there

By way of further research a search engine and a couple of clicks of the mouse tell me that Imarhan are a desert blues band from Southern Algeria who share a sound with Tinariwen - indeed their main man Sadam has a cousin in that band.
They have an album out on City Slang the picture above being the cover
Further exploration is clearly required


  1. This is really good, I particularly like the next track, the self-titled one. Some great stuff coming out of Africa just lately.

  2. "How good is this?"
    Splendidly good, that's how good!

  3. So good, in fact, that I'm going to buy the album

  4. ......if Jo will sanction the expenditure........