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Monday, 22 August 2016

The Rise and Fall of The Amazing Snakeheads

The Amazing Snakeheads were a Glasgow band who like many a good band shone briefly and brightly
I'll let The Skinny tell their tale so I don't have to.

They only released the one album 2014's Amphetamine Ballads on the Domino label and what a splendid racket it is.
Listening to the songs and the raw energy it is easy to understand why they imploded so quickly.
The bastard grandweans of Alex Harvey.
Music with attitude.

The Amazing Snakeheads -Nighttime

The Amazing Snakeheads - Here it Comes Again


  1. Good record, shame they imploded so soon.

  2. While reading your post I am listening to The Amazing Snakeheads. As Adam said - a good record and they imploded too soon.

  3. In the same racket bracket as The Jim Jones Revue. Splendid indeed.

  4. The were great live, always just on the verge of losing it. At the single launch in King Tut's I think that they gave a way half of the 7" that were for sale to their mates and I'm sure there was a bottle of Tonic on the stage.