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Saturday 20 August 2016

Namechecked - Jon Dee Graham

Jon Dee Graham, Jon Dee Graham
Never been to Birmingham

Jon Dee Graham is just one of a series of Austin musicians namechecked on Name Droppin' on Ray Wylie Hubbard's 2003 album on Rounder records Growl. Surely a song written with this series in mind.
Mary Gauthier is the other artist on the list that I have stuff from but she has featured a couple of times before.
I am assuming that Ray Wylie is referring to the Alabama Birmingham as opposed to the English West Midlands Birmingham.
Having said that if he hasn't been to the former it is pretty likely that he has never been to the latter.
From Hooray From the Moon  Jon Dee's third album from 2001 on New West here is The Restraining Order Song probably the only one in my collection on that particular subject.

These two artists have reminded me of a series I have been meaning to feature and which will follow soon - artists with three names.


  1. Artists with three names: Does Jon Bon Jovi count? Eric Patrick Clapton?John Roy Anderson? (that last one is the singer in Yes)

  2. The first one counts but will not be featuring

  3. What about William Orville Frizzell? Or John R. Cash?

  4. He would count
    I'm thinking of allowing Big and Little
    Fat Boy Slim would count if he was not rubbish

  5. Bobby Blue Bland? Dick Van Dyke? Sir Tom Jones?

  6. I'm not even going to try this week... but thanks for the Ray Wylie Hubbard. ;-)

    3 names?

    Larry Jon Wilson.

    Beth Nielsen Chapman.

    Billie Jo Spears.

    It's definitely easier in the Country genre.

    Outside country...?

    Father John Misty?

    Prince Rogers Nelson?

    Marvin Lee Aday?

    Stephen Patrick Morrissey?

    Francis Albert Sinatra?