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Friday, 8 May 2015

No Depression

This post was written before the Election results were known. By the time you read it the outcome should be clear.
One thing is for sure and that is whatever the result  a significant percentage of the electorate will be disappointed and depressed.
A few years ago I took Mrs CC to The Arches to see Mary Gauthier in concert.
We had to leave early as she found it too depressing!
I tried unsuccessfully  to explain that where Country music is concerned the more depressing the better but she was not convinced.
Here is what she is missing!
Oh, and in case you are wondering how to pronounce Ms Gauthier's name she helpfully advises say "go-shay" y'all!

Mary Gauthier - Drag Queens in Limousines

Mary Gauthier - Camelot Motel


  1. Fucking huge big depression here, CC. Re. Mary Gauthier, you surely couldn't have been surprised by your partner's reaction. Some of the MG songs are quite raw, to say the least.

  2. Yup didn't see that coming -troubled times ahead.Off to listen to some more depressing music

  3. Disappointed doesn't really do it justice.
    Swiss Adam

    1. I had kind of hoped that it would be another significant percentage of the electorate who would by disappointed and depressed SA. A total mare

  4. I have been watching the news today in disbelief CC as the final results came in. At least here in Scotland we voted for a party that believes in progressive politics. Despite the SNP's success I fear for the worst over the next five years. Those two tracks today are fairly depressing, but today they seem very appropriate.

  5. I've just came home from London. A few hours in terminal 5 has made me more of a misanthrope than usual. The blatant consumerism and symbols of capitalism made me nearly boke up my Bloody Mary. Here's to a more polarised society, shit!

    I wish i could spend the next five years in a drunken stupor.