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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

It's back  to Americana for this Saturday's Lucky Dip with Songs of the South - 15 Tracks of the Best New Southern Rock and Country  a Mojo compilation from November 2011.
To be quite honest there are no tracks on this compilation which really  jumped out at me.
Nevertheless I have selected three for your listening pleasure.
First up, and probably the pick of the bunch, are The Secret Sisters who give Johnny Cash's Big River the White Stripes treatment.
I've never really got into Lampchop. I have tried on a number of occasions but never really got them. However this song by their main man Kurt Wagner with Cortney Tidwell is quite pleasant. Brian is currently trying to convert me to Lambchop. This song certainly helps.
Finally we have Reckless Kelly who put me in mind of the Drive-By Truckers which lets face it is no bad thing.
More random nonsense nest Saturday

The Secret Sisters - Big River

Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell - Eyes Look Away

Reckless Kelly - Little Blossom


  1. Quite similiar to yourself CC regarding Lambchop. I want to like them but just can't get into them. Bought Nixon, due it being such a fave of the critics when it came out, and thought it was pleasant enough. Saw them live round about the time of Nixon and was pretty underwhelmed that night.

    1. Yup Nixon did not do much for me either Scott. Brian has sent me some of their later stuff which I have yet to give a proper listen to.