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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Blues Collection - J.B. Hutto

When I acquired the 40 or so CDs that I have in The Blues Collection from a charity shop a couple of years ago one of the many artists I was totally unfamiliar with was J.B. Hutto.
Joseph Benjamin Hutto was born in Blackville,  South Carolina in 1926 , dying from cancer in Harvey, Illinois in 1983 at the age of 57.
He was a slide guitarists influenced by the great Elmore James
These songs are from an album called Pet Cream Man recorded in Carlisle , Massachusetts on 1st April 1982 by which time the cancer that was to end his life had already taken a grip of his body. When you consider this it makes these powerful and energetic songs all the more remarkable.
An intriguing album title and one which sadly I have not got to the bottom of other than to note that it appears to be the name of one of his songs albeit one which does not feature on this album.

The first song is the traditional number Lone Wolf which is followed by his own composition Combination Boogie one you could easily do some dislocated dancing to

J.B. Hutto - Lone Wolf

J.B. Hutto - Combination Boogie


  1. JB Hutto is straight ballin'.
    Him, Hound Dog Taylor...a fella name Joe Carter and Robert Nighthawk all sit nicely next to Elmore James. Taylor and Hutto sound especially influenced by him...though Taylor seems to really have resented the comparison sometimes.
    You gotta find Hawk Squat...Hip Shakin' is one of the greatest get down songs ever. Stompin At Mother Blues is another essential record.
    I love JB Hutto...and was delighted to see his picture in my reader.

  2. Dislocated dancing has been completed for the evening. What a great title for the album, intrigued as to where it came from. Nice couple of Blues numbers today CC. Have to admit my music collection is severely lacking in the Blues department.

    1. I was in the same boat Scott until I stumbled across this job lot