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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Vodka Talking and the Gin Listening

Life is Still Sweet a 2000 EP from New York band White Hassle has long been a favourite of mine and has previously featured on CCM to considerable indifference.
Therefore I couldn't resist the opportunity , in the splendid Elvis Shakespeare shop on Edinburgh's Leith Walk, to pick up their 2005 album Your Language from our friends at Fargo Records. 
I would put this one down as average , certainly not in the same league as Life is Still Sweet. These two songs are not too bad though.

Described in the Houston Chronicle as stripped down  noisy blues-soaked rock.
To me it can come across a wee bit quirky in places and puts me in mind of the likes of They Might be Giants and Jonathan Richman

White Hassle - Star Position

White Hassle - Vodka Talking

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  1. I spent a glorious morning in Elvis Shakespeare back in 2012. I had a nice chat with the owner as I rifled through the drawers. I picked up a 12" of Happy Birthday, the very song featured the other day by JC as part of his series on singles by local heroes Altered Images. Nice memory.