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Friday, 29 May 2015

The Dive Bar Stalkers

Are you up for some Friday rockabilly? Yup, thought so.
As I have previously mentioned my brother is a massive rockabilly and psychobilly fan.
I've previously purloined his Stray Cats singles leading to my dear friend George suggesting that I should concentrate on his record collection rather than mine.
I was babysitting at his the other day and came away with Rock the House  a 2008 album by The Dive Bar Stalkers.

They appear to be a vehicle for main man Jeff Vitolo - lead vocalists and guitarist, producer and chief song writer.
They do a couple of slower songs which don't quite work. Their rockier numbers, on the other hand, hit you like a sledgehammer

The Dive Bar Stalkers - You Got What it Takes to Make me Go

The Dive Bar Stalkers - Ready For Another Round


  1. Further evidence indeed that your young brother has better taste in music than you! But you are lucky, at least you can go to his house and play something decent. My brother has got a truly terrible tase in music. This lot sound like a gig would be a fun event!

  2. Quite like that CC, never heard of them before.

  3. Nw to me too. And worth a listen
    Swiss Adam