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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Some Sunday Soul (and Country!)

One of country music’s most soulful female vocalists in the past decade – Rissi Palmer – is making her return to the spotlight with a brand new 5-song EP on Tuesday, May 26, 2015, with pre-sales available now on iTunes. Rissi describes the new collection as "Southern Soul" and blends together all her musical influences -- from country to soul and R&B.

I downloaded this recently via Noisetrade and will certainly be checking out the EP.
I had never heard of her before and from this would not have put her down as a country singer.
My research tells me that in 2007 with her single Country Girl she was the first African- American woman to chart with a country song since Donna Mason in 1987.
Her 2007 self titled album was followed up in 2013 with Best Day Ever an album of "sophisticated" children's songs.
Looks like she has taken yet another change of direction.

Rissi Palmer - Sweet Sweet Lovin' (The Back Porch Mix)


  1. Not really sure what to make of her CC, great voice but Country Girl is a bit too much like Shania Twain for me...

  2. Agreed Scott - however Country Girl is from 2007. The new stuff sounds more promising