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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

A Dancehall Toaster

We are off to Jamaica this week for the Saturday Lucky Dip courtesy of the Mojo March 2015 compilation Studio One Selector - 15 Classic Tracks from the Legendary Studio One Records, the most important Record label in the history of reggae.
I am sure that there are others out there keen to claim that particular crown.
Founded in 1963 by Clement "Sir Coxsone " Dodd, who had been recording home-grown Jamaican talent since 1954, Studio One was a studio, publishing house and a label with the music being sold through Dodd's Muzik City record shops
We start with the rather splendidly named Gaylads with Africa complete with some unauthentic jungle sounding percussion.
Then we have The Lone Ranger  not the boy who hung out with Silver and Tonto but rather one of the first and finest Dancehall toasters who recorded nine albums between the late 1970's and mid 1980's.

More random nonsense next Saturday - if not before!

The Gaylads - Africa

Lone Ranger - The Answer


  1. This is the stuff! Perfect tunes for a Saturday morning.....or anytime come to think of it! Marvelous.

  2. I was just listening to this very CD last night, others may claim the crown but studio one does wear it well...