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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

We are popping over the Irish Sea for this week's Lucky Dip with a Commemorative CD courtesy of Murphy's Irish Stout.
One of three CDs for a pound from the previously featured Ballantrae Thrift shop.
I'll spare you Chris De Burgh (sorry George), The Commitments and Parisienne Walkways.
That Petrol Emotion, Hothouse Flowers and the Pogues and the Dubliners have all previously featured.

That just leaves John Peel's favourite song which I will post if only to annoy Mr Sharkey.
I thought for a wee bit about purchasing this as I have most of the good tracks and no interest in the others. I did not have Rat Trap however so I suppose in retrospect that it was 33p well spend.

More random nonsense next Saturday.

John Peel's Favourite Song

The Boomtown Rats -Rat Trap


  1. they should have paid you to take a cd with Chris De Burgh on it.

  2. I think you should post a photo of yourself and one of C de B and see how many of your readers can tell which is which

  3. Haven't had a pint of Murphy's for years. One right now would go down a treat. Thanks skipping the de Burgh, unless it was 'Spanish Train', which I'm ashamed to admit I have fondness for.

    1. Nope it was the truly awful Missing You which I can't bring myself to play

  4. Wise choices here, CC. Let's get those side-by-side photos up!