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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip Meets Soul Sunday

Saturday Lucky Dip on a Sunday? Has the world gone totally mad? Has CC completely lost it? Yes on both counts.
Red Hot Summer from Red Magazine August 2003 purchased for 99p primarily because up to now I did not own physical copies of Love Train or Summer Breeze - something which obviously required to be rectified.
A bit of a mixed bag this one - the Premier League of the two tracks above, Championship material in Lovely Day by Bill Withers and I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash with some utter tosh Sunday League drivel courtesy of the likes of Lisa Phuture and Danny J Lewis featuring Sara Farina (no, me neither).
One new to me which caught my attention was Finest Day by Guest who may or may not be siblings Brittany and Brandon Hargest formerly of Jump 5.
It has had 42 listens on Last FM compared to 203,995 for The O'Jays and 125,589 for the Isley Brothers.
Poor old Danny J has only amassed two listens which is two too many.

The O'Jays - Love Train

The Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze

Guest - Finest Day


  1. It cost 99p. Did you wait for your 1p change? I would put Bill Withers and Johnny Nahs in the Premier league, by the way

    1. The penny went in the charity tin George.I quite like Bill Withers but not that particular song

  2. Re-reading the comment, I typed in Johnny Nahs instead of Nash. Having far too much time on my hands, I'm now going to do some searching for Johnny Nahs

  3. Not that keen on the Guest tune if I'm honest, though sticking it in with two bona-fide classics doesn't do it any favours.

    1. True- it is the best of the unknowns and I felt obliged to post one in addition to what you rightly state are classics