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Tuesday, 20 July 2021

The Singing Hatchet


The Missing Records Haul - Radar Brothers - The Singing Hatchet

Radar Brothers a Los Angeles Indie Rock band who record in the UK on Chemikal Underground  first crossed my radar (do you see what I did there?) last year when I took a punt and picked up their third album And the Surrounding Mountains from a charity shop in Muir of Ord

It is a terrific record and so it was an absolute no-brainer to spend a pound on acquiring The Singing Hatchet their second album from 1999.
AllMusic describe them as delivering  quietly quixotic, psychedelically rootsy songs, which roll along like tumbleweeds: shambling and seemingly fragile, yet surprisingly strong. and also state that the album is a shabbily majestic, subtly accomplished work

I think that I will dedicate these two songs to the shambles that is the British Government and to Freedom Day

Radar Brothers - Shifty Lies

Radar Brothers - To Be Free Again

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  1. It is a good album, my standout track is Shovelling Sons which I think was a single - *spoiler alert* it didn't feature in the hot one hundred! Another band for whom I have John Peel to thank