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Sunday 11 July 2021

1965 - The Year the Sixties Ignited


You may recall that a few years ago I featured 1968 - The Year the World Burned a compilation collated by Jon Savage on the Ace label (here)

At the time I undertook to try and track down some others in the series and I have had a degree of success.One I have acquired is 1965 - The Year the Sixties Ignited - A genre-spanning 2CD mix of hit singles, slow burners and lost gems from soul, funk, psych, garage and rock’n’roll. 

I've attached the tracklist for your information and you will recognise a good few of them I suspect. It's amazing how many of these I know given I was only four at  the time. I wonder if any of today's 4 years olds will be familiar with any of today's music in 56 years time.

Last time round I focussed on Soul, this time I'm going for garage primarily with bands beginning with an S.


  1. Love your choices CC. I remember first hearing this stuff in the '80s and being stunned, still sounds fresh to my ears or, as our friend TS would say, a splendid racket!

  2. Just took a look at the entire series. Phenomenal.

  3. There's little more I can add to the comments of my blogging pals above. Extraordinary stuff.

  4. Some wonderful stuff there, records made to played at neighbour hating levels.