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Saturday, 24 July 2021

Reggae Nuggets


It may have escaped your attention but it has been rather warm of late. As a man of leisure (at least that's what it says on my Whats App profile) I've had to resort to such drastic measures as beer gardens and to offering sitent prayers of thanks that I'm not having to work in this heat.

It also of course means reggae music. Here then is Reggae Nuggets a collaboration between Mojo and Trojan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that great label. As part of the sleevenotes Don Letts writes we musn't underplay the part that Trojan played.The kids that have grown up listening to this catalogue included a lot of the punks, the Joe Strummers, the Paul Siminons.Before the Punky Reggae Party, it was Trojan.
I'm sure that anyone owning a cheap and cheerful Trojan boxset or compilitation will concur.

Although this CD was acquired in Oxfam in Glasgow's Byres Rd it is not strictly a charity shop purchase.Let me explain. While they well selling Mojo and Uncut compilations at 20p a pop there was a
pile by that hand sanitizer and you were encouraged to take one if you wished as a thank you for complying with the regulations.
This one happened to be at the top of the pileand is one that I would hve been happy to fork out a couple of quid for.


  1. I have several of the budget Trojan 3CD boxsets and the quality of songs is an equal to the sheer quantity. As far as music magazine "free" CDs are concerned, any of the Trojan collaborations are worth the cover price alone and this one is no exception. A spectacular find. On the weather front, we've had thunder and lightning here since the wee hours, so I'm speculating whether to swap reggae for goth this morning :-)

  2. Speaking of reggae, someone at this address contacted me recently with a very specific request. This is the best I can do:

  3. What a brilliant acquisition. I discovered Alton Ellis when I wrote about Livers Rock. What a beautiful sound.

  4. What a lovely freebie thank you from Oxfam. Great stuff - hot weather and reggae are inseparable companions.

  5. A freebie? Bloody hell, what a find.

  6. Free? You should have taken the whole pile and the bottle.