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Wednesday, 21 July 2021

The Blues Collection - Muddy Waters


2021 Charity Shop Purchases 47 - Muddy Waters - Chicago Blues
The Blues Collection (no 11)

The Blues Collection - just like Corporation buses nothing for ages and then a few come along at once.
Today it is the turn of the King of Chicago Blues himself McKinley Morganfield better known to you and me as Muddy Waters. Having said that I think that that McKinley Morganfield is a pretty good name for a Blues man.

Chicago Blues is the 11th CD in the Blues Collection and it also now number 58 on the shelves. The somgs are recorded from a concert held 1976 when he was 63 and some seven years before his death in 1983. There are scant details but the band members are listed. Here they are courtesy of Discogs to save me the hassle of typing them all out and from where you can purchase the CD from as little as 52p

The sleevenotes, such as they are, state that reaching his mature years enabled him to brinch sn extra richness and flavour to the best of his work. They are not wrong there.


  1. Have you considered squandering some forthcoming pension money at Discogs to acquire the remaining cds of the set?

    1. Oxfam said that they occassionally get the whole set.
      I may eventually succumb but still enjoying the thrill of the chase.
      Two thirds of the way there!
      These posts don't generate many hits for some strange reason

  2. Nothing wrong with Muddy Waters, any day of the week. Great to hear these live versions.