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Thursday, 22 July 2021

Sea of Tears


The Missing Records Haul -  Eilen Jewell - Sea of Tears

I picked up Queen of the Minor Key  a 2011 album by Boise, Idaho Americana singer/songwriter  Eilen Jewel in the record library a number of years ago and very good it was to.

I therefore thought it would be a safe bet to spend a pound on Sea of Tears her third album from 2009 on the Signature Songs label. If anything, it is even better.

Here is some of the blurb from her Bandcamp page explaining ehy she had gone all retro:

"Before I discovered Woody Guthrie and folk music," she explains, "I was listening to Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and, later on, the Animals and the Kinks. I love that stuff, and I love to play it."

With Sea of Tears, Jewell and her longtime band of Jason Beek (drums, harmony vocals), Jerry Miller (electric, acoustic, and steel guitars), and Johnny Sciascia (upright bass) wed her elegantly unflinching songwriting with a rustic, pre-Beatles swagger that encapsulates vintage R&B, Midwestern garage rock, Chicago blues, and early rock and rockabilly, while maintaining the haunting, folk-inspired purity that first made her an artist to watch.

Uncut feels that the album has a  lovely balance of strident country and rural balladry. whereas Maverick claim that every track is a gem. They are not wrong there.

Eilen Jewel -Shakin' All Over

Eilen Jewel - I'm Gonna Dress in Black


  1. That's a neat cover of "Shakin' All Over"

  2. I like the second one. Thanks CC

  3. Interesting. Good selections, CC

  4. I am constantly astounded at the quality of your charity shop finds... I don't think I've had a decent one in years.

    1. Not a charity one Rol
      A pound second hand though - charity prices

  5. Love the Shakin' All Over Cover