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Sunday 20 June 2021

1968 - The Year the World Burned


I'm continuing my current phase of <ahem> acquiring interesting looking compilations from yesteryear.

One which caught my eye was 1968- The Year the World Burned collated by music author Jon Savage. It seems that there is a series of these which I think that I will make my mission to track down.

If this one is anything to go by I'm sure that I will not be disappointed. Given that they are on the Ace label they come with a ready made stamp of quality. 48 tracks as you can see here.  A mixture of late 60's Soul, flower power, the salad days of Mod, psychedelia and just plain weird which neatly reflect those troubled times.

As is my want I've gone for Soul with three absolute belters from the second CD.

I shall keep hunting

Due to a combination of the Euros, family commitments and holidays there will be nothing to see here for a few days


  1. Ooh, this is a goodie. Great choices for your three tracks and the full listing looks superb - what a fantastic time for music, albeit troubled in other ways.
    Enjoy your break from the blog for a few days.

  2. Just checked out the full track-list, an excellent and far reaching set. Three belters from it here.
    Hope you're enjoying your break CC.

  3. This was a new one on me - knew he'd done a book on 1966: The Year The World Exploded (another on my wants list) but he's clearly moved on. I need to keep up a bit more.....a lot more!