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Monday 28 June 2021



2021 Charity Shop Purchases 34 - Tuff Love

Junk from May 2014 is the debut EP from  the band Tuff Love on Lost Map  the label run by The Pictish Trail from the island of Eigg off the West Coast of Scotland

Tuff Love are Julie Eisenstein on guitar, Susie Bear on bass and Michael O'Hara on drums described by the label as two girls and a dude from Glasgow who cut beautifully distorted guitar gems.  
The Guardian goes further - Glaswegian trio grab C86 fuzz pop by the scruff of the neck and  give it a damn good ruffing up round the back of the sweet shop. Delicious while the Daily Record proclaims we reckon Tuff Love will be your new favourite band. ‘Flamingo' is Jesus and Mary Chain if they corrupted the Monkees.

No pressure then.

I couldn't not feature Flamingo after the blurb above and have also gone for Sweet Discontent with its  woozy vocals and fierce guitars.

There is a compilation album Resort which features all the tracks from their three EPs Junk, Dross and Dregs

Tuff Love - Sweet Discontent

Tuff Love - Flamingo


  1. This is tremendous and completely new to me. Will be seeking out that comp you mentioned.

  2. Really fabulous stuff indeed. Could anything possibly be more Brian than this?