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Wednesday 16 June 2021

Ash Wednesday


When I copied Girl from Mars by Ash a couple of months ago for a post on the red planet I opted to burn it from my Intergalact Sonic 7s CD as opposed to my vinyl copy of 1977

I copied the whole album and have been listening to it on a USB stick in the car and it is a splendid racket. I didn't really realise what a good singles band they were. A lot of them passed my by at the time so in some cases it is like hearing them for the first time. I've included two that come into that category.

19 tracks in all and every one worth a couple of minutes of your time. As an added bonus  a second disc entitled Cosmic Debris is also included containing 22 b-sides and rarities as voted by fans on an on-line poll..

I picked this up back in 2016 from a charity shop. 41 songs for a quid  -what an absolute steal

For a far more entertaining read on the band head over to JC's place for some brilliance from SWC posted yesterday.


  1. I agree, a great singles band.

  2. Not heard much about Ash since their early days when they were 'everybody's' Indie favourites - just listened to Shining Light again now though from your link and ....I must say it didn't sound as good as I remembered it to be. I'll give it another few gos though. My favourite of theirs was always Uncle Pat - now that does sound as good as it did back then

  3. I bought the same package from a charity shop the other day. I was ripped off (comparatively) - it cost me £1.50! Some excellent songs on there.