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Wednesday, 2 June 2021



Coincidentally a few days after we returned from our trip up North Mrs CC came in with a few CDs one of which was Martha Wainwright  the 2005 album by  the Canadian/American singer/songwriter of the same name which was released on the DIS label in the UK.
She (Mrs CC) was unaware that I has  picked up an album by her old man as part of my Kingussie haul and which featured yesterday.

Yes, she is the daughter of Loudon Wainright III and Kate McGarrigle and the sister of Rufus.
I saw her and Rufus at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall along with Kate and Anna McGarrigle on 28th May 2004 as my pal Big Tam had a spare ticket. Not surprisingly Loudon was not on the bill
I found Martha and Rufus pretty underwhelming but I did enjoy the McGarrigle Sisters.

Likewise I found most of the album pretty underwhelming. It is probably best known for featuring the song Bloody Motherf***ing Asshole which she has confirmed is about her dad.
Fortunately one of the bonus tracks on the album is Dis,Quand Reviendras-Tu?.
I think she would be better if she sang in French all the time!


  1. Her third album 'I Know You're Married But I Have Feelings Too' is worth checking out, as is her alb um with her half-sister Lucy Wainwright-Roche 'Songs In The Dark' (as the Wainwright Sisters) which is gorgeous.

    She also has a new one out soon.

  2. Never fails to astound (read annoy) me when flicking through the racks how Rufus (principally) and Martha seem to overshadow both their dad and the McGarrigles when in truth it should be Loudon way out ahead, then Kate and Anna McGarrigle with Martha and Rufus bringing up the rear. Underwhelming for me is the perfect description for the kids. To be fair Martha's rendition of Dis, Quand Reviendras-Tu is a pretty good pass but not a patch on Barbara's original which I haven't heard in an age