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Tuesday 15 June 2021

The Nonesuch Collection


2021 Charity Shop Purchases 31 - The Nonesuch Collection Vol 1

The second last CD from my Victoria Road haul is a compilation The Nonesuch Collection from 2006 and not surprisingly on the Nonesuch label.

The red stickery bit  reads when a label is hot you can buy almost any record on it and you know you're getting a guarantee of quality.Elektra had it in the '60s and Island in the early '70s. Today without any hypee or hoopla, Nonesuch records has quietly taken up a similar position.

Hmm I can think of others more worthy of that accolade and I'm sure you can too.

Having said that I was quite surprised when I did a search to find how many albums from the label that I actually have.

16 songs on the album of which I only have two both of which have featured here before  Heroes and Villains by Brian Wilson and Shot in the Arm by Wilco. Shot in the Arm has featured here twice before, once fairly recently, otherwise it would have been a stick on to feature.

It's quite an eclectic mix with a bit too much jazzy stuff for my liking. I've gone for These Four Walls by Shawn Colvin from her album of the same name and Here I Am by Emmylou Harris from her 2003 album Stumble Into Grace one I  acquired and posted here in November 2020 but without sharing this song

Shawn Colvin -These Four Walls

Emmylou Harris - Here I Am

Oh bugger it 

Wilco -Shot in the Arm


  1. Your oh bugger it was worth it!

  2. Volume 2 came out a year later and was just as good. Keep an eye out while on your travels.

    1. I've also got one from Uncut Magazine