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Wednesday, 16 December 2020



 2020 Charity Shop Purchases 73 - Thrum - Rifferama

I've lost count of the times that I've bought a CD in a Charity Shop not being sure whether I already had it or not. In a good few cases it was already on the shelves.

However this is a first. I picked up Rifferama a 1994 album by Thrum on the Fire label in the full knowledge that I already had it. I  knew that I had bought a copy from discogs a couple of years ago I was so surpised and excited to see a copy that I felt obliged to buy it. You can't have enough of a good thing.

SonicHits point out that with comparisons to Lone Justice and once described as like Janis Joplin fronting Teenage Fanclub much of the strength of Thrum's guitar-driven sound is built around Monica Queen's luxurious voice with Johnny Smillie's arrangements and guitar playing integral to achieving the complete sound.

A spendid racket.

Thrum - Lullaby II

Thrum - Nowhere To Run

Thrum - So Glad


  1. we've all bought a record that we did not know we already had. So why knowingly buy this?

  2. Great album -one I had to have after seeing Thrum perform on 'The Word' of all things!
    It's weird about buying albums you already have but definitely seems to be a thing - it's as if they're saying to you, "Ah, hello again old friend, you know me so well! You really must take me home with you and away from these cold, hostile racks.."

    1. It was the surprise of actually seeing it in a charity shop.
      I HAD to pounce!