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Friday, 18 December 2020

A Non- Seasonal Sampler


Regular readers will know that I am in the habit of featuring a Bloodshot Records Sampler from your favourite Chicago insurgent Country label for your pleasure around this time of the year.

That was the case from 2015 to 2018 when they produced one towards the end of the year and then things changed

I managed to miss the Winter 2019sampler released in association with Classic Rock magazine probably because it was first  released on 30th December 2018.

There was no end of year sampler for 2020 perhaps not surprisingly considering everything that has been going down this year. They did however produce a Spring 2020 one again  in association with Classic Rock. I picked it up at the time but tradition demanded that I save it until now.

Here are a trio of tracks to whet your appetite before you toddle off to the Bloodshot Bandcamp page and pick up the two samplers above on a pay what you want basis.

Think of it as my Christmas present to you

ROOKIE - Hold on Tight

Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - Devil May Care

Freakwater - Sway


  1. THat ROOKIE track is definitely old school rawk'n roll but my favourite is the wry humour of Sarah shook while the Freakwater track is sweet.

  2. My vote goes to Freakwater - whaddya mean wrong competition, wrong post? Hope you've got a new contest lined up for the new year?