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Friday, 11 December 2020


 2020 Charity Shop Purchases 71 - Jeff Buckley - Grace

I was obviously aware of the album Grace by Jeff Buckley but was only familiar with his excellent  version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.Therefore , I thought that I should pick up a copy to see what all the fuss was about.

His only studio album from 1994 it regularly features on the lists of greatest albums although when it was originally released it had poor sales and mixed reviews.

After an initial listen or two I'm still not quite sure about it. Although not that convinced I can see that it has something about it and that is one that may become a grower or one that I will suddenly “get" one day. I shall persevere.

Obvious comparisons with a rockier Nick Drake (another artist who died far too young) and to John Martyn but worryingly I can't get Freddy Mercury out my head. For me the noisier bits don't quite work.

As you will all be familiar with Hallelujah  I have opted for another couple of tracks state that he was born with a voice to die for an unfortunate  turn of phrase given his early demise at the age of 30 after accidentally drowning in Wolf River Harbor a channel of the Mississippi.

Jeff Buckley - Eternal Life

Jeff Buckley - Forget Her


  1. The title track is absolutely fantastic. And there's are some other good tracks, like the two you posted. And some not so good. A good buy if you got it for a pound

  2. Felt the same as you about this album and ended up not keeping it - now wondering if I should revisit! (On George's advice, I would for a pound). But Grace is so fantastic I guess it was always going to be difficult to live up to...
    He was utterly beautiful too.

  3. The last thing you need once you've decided an artist is not for you (however perfunctorily that might've been) is to read comments like those above so.....damn you George and C! I now feel obliged to reconsider or at least revisit my earlier prejudices. I'm sure I have better things to do but I'll store it and him away for the cold grey days of Jan/Feb. Perhaps.