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Wednesday, 9 December 2020

See This Through and Leave

2020 Charity Shop Purchases 70 - The Cooper Temple Clause - See This Through and Leave

This one was a mistake. I confused them with The Temperance Movement who I was interested to hear after seeing their former frontman Phil Campbell at Celtic Connections

The Cooper Temple Clause were from Wokingham and Wiki describes them as post-hardcore/new prog/space rock  (you can see where this is going).

See This Through and Leave was their debut album from 2002 on Morning Records. Thankfully they only released another two before splitting up in 2007

See This Through and Leave ? Sorry I never made it to the end of the first track. To make matters worse there is a bonus disc.

Let's Kill Music? They give it a bloody good try.

Absolutely dreadful and unlistenable (if that is a word). It's going back. I will not subject you to more than one "song"

The Cooper Temple Clause - Let's Kill Music


  1. Wow, very harsh CC. I really liked this album when it came out, and there's still some tracks on it I enjoy.

  2. I didn't think it was that bad, but I do like your new Shock Jock style (I mean "jock" as in "disc jockey", not in a racist way)

  3. This is perfectly listenable. Reminds me of The Super Furry Animals

  4. Seems like I may be in a minority here!

  5. Harsh - I admit a certain bias here because they come from 5 miles down the road from me and had a habit of modifying roundabout signs by adding themselves as an extra junction.
    That debut isn't a bad album (although admittedly I haven't listened to it fully in a while). Certainly better than the later ones where they sort of run out of progression.
    This little corner of Berkshire doesn't have much to shout about - file alongside The Hoosiers as "the best we've got to offer"

    Oo .. Chapterhouse and Slowdive? I'm going to argue they're more "The Oxfordshire Sound" (ie shoegazing)