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Friday, 4 December 2020

The Best of 2009


2020 Charity Shop Purchases 68 - Various : Uncut - The Best of 2009.

We sre nearing that time of the year when folk start to compile their best of lists for the year. As CCM is often a bit behind the times I give you The Best of 2009.

I'm a bit of a sucker for these if only to see how many I recognise. In this case I am probably familiar with around half of the acts  but only have physical  music by the Super Furry Animals.
I thought I might look at featuring tracks from those new to me artists but this largely proved to be unfruitful.

So first and second up two acts that I have copies of records by.. The Felice Brothers always appear to be a bit of an enigma to me. Any track of theirs I hear I like yet when I got a copy of their Favorite Waitress album I was largely disappointed. This selection from Yonder Stands the Clock however is rather good.

I got Oh,My God,Charlie Darwin by rhe Low Anthem from the record library when there was such a thing. I played it a couple of times and stored it away. I don't particularly recall To Ohio but I probably should.

I have nothing by Tinariwen and that requires to change. Perhaps Imidiwan:Companions would be a good start. I need some North African desert blues in my life!


  1. If it is North African desert blues and the like you need get over to Sahel Sounds Bandcamp site asap. They have loads of it and for today (Friday) only everything is available on a name your own price basis.

    1. On it!
      Thanks for the heads up Ernie

    2. Bought the two sampler albums to start me off!

  2. Yes to Tinariwen! – three albums to look out for (imo) are: Aman Iman: Water Is Life, Emmaar, and Amassakoul. Enjoy!