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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

My Albums of the Year - Part Two


I'm used to short posts with a couple of lines so I struggled to do this in a oner.

Therefore numbers 10 to 6 yesterday and 5 to 1 today

5 - Archipelago EPs (Olive Grove)

I'm slightly cheating here as this is not an album but rather a collection of 6 artists over three pieces of vinyl  showing off some of the talent in the Olive Grove stable. 

Sold individually and then as a package. I bought the package this year hence the inclusion

The first disc features Vol 1 Jared Celose and Vol 2 Chrissy Barnacle. The second features Vol 3 Pocket Knife and Vol 4 Moonshop

The final one is my favourite  with Circle Meets Dot ( namely A Wesley Chung and Jo Mango) on Vol 5 and the pick of the bunch the brilliant Henry and Fleetwood on Vol 6

4 -  Mt Doubt - Doubtlands (LNFG)

The 3rd album by Edinburgh band Mt Doubt who previously graced the  wonderful Scottish Fiction label.

Described accuratley as brooding by Netsounds it features the songwriting skills  and baritone voice of Leo Bagery An Eco Vinyl in Die Cut Sleeve with interchangeable artwork. Each copy is unique  and well worth having.

3- Drive - By Truckers - The Unraveling (ATO)

I was a big fan of the DBTs in the first decade of the millennium picking up most of their albums on New West and seeing them live a couple of times. I slowly drifted away around the time Jason Isbell left and they became more hard rock.

However they are back with a vengeance with an album full of fury about the state of America – from school shootings to caged kids. (The Guardian)

Patterson Hood states Things are so crazy right now, you never know what’s gonna happen next. You just know it’s gonna be ridiculous and shitty. Welcome to Trump's America. 21st Century USA

 2- Rose City Band - Summerlong (Thrill Jockey)

From the despair of The Unraveling to a gorgeous thing of beauty. The second outing by Ripley Johnston's side project Rose City Band.

Folk Radio states that  with Summerlong he has proved that even in the dark days there is always hope for rebirth close at hand.

Psychedelia with a Laurel Canyon twist and just the thing for when lockdown was sunny and bearable. In any other year this would have been number one.

1 - The Isolation Sessions -(Last Night From Glasgow)

The Isolation Sessions was conceived on 17th March 2020 as a chance for Last Night From Glasgow artists to engage in a creative project and raise money for venues and record stores affected by the Covid-19 lockdown. Incredibly, by 22nd April, twenty three artists has recorded each other's songs for this unique snapshot of unprecedented times.

The  first pressing run of The Isolation Sessions led to LNFG  donating  over £3,000 stock to independent record stores and £3,000 to support local venues and events. Since then a re-issue and associated products have led to further donations for example all proceeds during November were donated to McChuills a Glasgow bar and venue.

Not only a fantastic cause but fantastic music Here is a rundown of the tracks courtesy of snackmag

Rose City Band - Reno Shuffle

Drive - By Truckers - 21st Century USA


  1. RCB are a joy, love the album.

  2. Great selection of this years albums. Don't know why The Close Lobsters didn't made it on my list. As Adam said RCB are beautiful and I should listen to The Bluebells once again soon. Merry Christmas and stay safe, Stevie.

  3. Your homeland has been well represented this year... as it should be. Olive Grove and LNFG are really special labels.