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Monday, 7 December 2020

Heavenly Rockingbirds


There was an interesting article by Teddy Jamieson in Saturday's Herald Magazine on 30 years of Heavenly Records. The article is on the back of the release of a book by Robin Turner called Believe in Magic:Heavenly Recordings The First 30 Years.

Jamieson picks our a personal 6 of the best. Along with the likes of Saint Etienne, Dot Allison and the Manics he selects Gradually Learning a song by The Rockingbirds from 1992

I have the 12 inch of this record and  featured it in the early days of CCM. I was not aware that it was on Heavenly.

This led me to giving the self-titled  album  a long overdue listen and thoroughly enjoyed it. The last few bars of Jonathan Jonathan should give a clue as to who it is about

The Rockingbirds - Gradually Learning

The Rockingbirds - Jonathan Johnathan

The Rockingbirds - Tall Buildings


  1. I think your first two links don't work, the files they refer to are not there

    1. What amm I like!
      Will sort it when I get home from work
      If it's any consolation they are two great songs