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Sunday, 20 December 2020

Val's Vinyl


A bit of a dilemma this week as Val's Vinyl contains not one but two albums by The Nolans.I'm not quite sure what came over me says Val

Which to choose? As you can see from the picture above I've gone for their 1980 album Making Waves on the Epic label, the other album being the 1982 follow up Portrait. Featuring the classic line up of Bernie (RIP), Maureen, Coleen and Linda

It was a close call but how can you ignore an album which went gold  and which reached number 2 in Sweden and Ireland and number 1  in New Zealand and Japan. Unbelievably it sold over 5 million copies  with over 100,000 in the UK and  over 550,000 in Japan.

Four top 20 singles with the two featured below both  peaking at number 9.

Tempting as it is to keep them I feel that I have an obligation to share the love.

Anyone on the mood for dancing, romancing?

The Nolans - Gonna Pull Myself Together

The Nolans - Attention To Me


  1. We've all got some albums that are filed in the "what the hell was I thinking" category. I hope there are two tracks from the follow-up next week.

  2. Val is excelling herself at the moment

  3. Oof. Difficult to know where to start...

  4. I dreamt last night that (unlikely bed partners) Lemmy and the Nolans got it on. Wait, hang on a minute...

    1. Gartferry Hotel, Ayr late 70's. Not Motorhead though.

  5. I swear I didn't just download those for my own pleasure.

    (Course, maybe it would have been worse if I'd already owned them.)