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Thursday, 30 July 2020

The Music of Others - Glad Volume 1

2020 Charity Shop Purchase 27 The Music of Others - Glad Volume 1

From the same shop and probably handed in by the same person (Laurie!) who handed in The Jellyman's Daughter.
The Music of Others - Glad Volume 1 from 2019 is a fundraising album by the great and the good of Glasgow's music scene to help raise funds to repair the roof of Glasgow's Glad Cafe
They were successful in raising the £49K needed and then Covid kicks in.
It is the nearest venue to my house and one that I have frequented on a number of occasions so I hope it survuves.
The album on their own Glorious Traces Recording label.

It is a double album but as is the way in such things only the second disc was in the case. But still 11 interesting tracks to choose from.
The first is a cover of A. Wesley Chung's Neon Coast by Jill Lorean which is the stagename of Jill O'Sullivan who has previously appeared with Sparrow and the Workshop, BDY_PRTS and Broken Chanter. She has recently released Not Your First a 6 track EP avaiable here

The second artist Emma Pollock surely needs no introduction. Here the former Delgados guitarist and singer provides a cover of Holy Smoke a song by Robin Adams

Jill Lorean - Neon Coast

Emma Pollock - Holy Smoke

And as an added bonus here is the original of Neon Coast

A.Wesley Chung - Neon Coast


  1. That Emma Pollock track is very good!

  2. Only having 1 disc of a double purchased in a charity shop is annoying but it also leaves you wondering about it.

    1. Almost as annoying as the wrong record in a sleeve

    2. more annoying than your partner putting a cd BACK ON THE SHELVES IN THE WRONG PLACE?!!!

  3. Lovely stuff. Coincidentally the postman dropped off my copy of the Three Queens in Mourning LP, featuring Jill O'Sullivan, this week.