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Monday, 20 July 2020

Heaven or Hell 13

Despite a late rally it was another comprehensive victory for Hell with Sweet and Hell Raiser running out 10-3 winners over Fiction Factory and Feels Like Heaven
The score is therefore now Hell 9 Heaven 3.
So if Heaven does not win this week it's all over. No pressure.
The act taking on this responsibility are Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians with Heaven a song that I've taken from an excellent ICA by Pat Jennings The Swede. So one potential vote for Heaven then
The act charged with getting Hell over the line first time round are Atlanta Southern Rock band Drivin'n'Cryin' with Straight to Hell (no not THAT one)

Is it all over or are we back next week for more?
Who's it going to be
Heaven or Hell, the choice is yours

Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians - Heaven

Drivin'n'Cryin' - Straight to Hell


  1. Love both, but D&C and Hell for me.

  2. Heaven. You're not getting off that lightly.

  3. Drivin n cryin for me: Hell

  4. Heaven, although I very much prefer the live version of this from the 'Gotta Let This Hen Out!' - album ...

  5. Heaven, obvs. Dirk makes a good point about the live version y'know.

  6. Not a big fan of either, but Heaven takes it on this occasion.

  7. Not too many will get my vote over Robyn Hitchcock, and it's not going to happen today. Heaven it is.

  8. It won’t change the outcome but unusually for me I’m going for Hell.

  9. Drivin n Crying is a great name for a band. I do a lot of that.

    However, my vote goes to the man I saw playing live in Huddersfield Library one Sunday afternoon last year. I don't recall him doing this song, but it was a good afternoon out. Heaven.

  10. Call me shallow but I'm going for Heaven just to prolong this series a bit further. Have you considered extending it to first to 20? I've got some great song suggestions if you have

    1. First to 10 will do as the quality may diminish. I realise that some may think that's happened already.
      Don't worry I've got another compare and contrast series up my sleeve when this one ends