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Sunday, 26 July 2020

59 Today

59 today.
How did that happen?
On a positive note this time next year I will get my work pension and will be able to retire.
I also got some records.
Here are 3 as opposed to 59 songs for yout today.
Having Rol's Hot 100 Countdown to hand helps.

The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound (Acoustic)

1990s - 59

Blondie - 11:59


  1. I have no idea why you have added 30 years to your actual age, but many happy returns

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Maybe a bit niche/obsure, but I immediately thought of 59 to 1 by Tuxedmoon's Half Mute album.

  3. Happy Birthday. You share your birthday with some interesting people: George Bernard Shaw, Darlene Love, Helen Mirren, and Andy Connel of Swing Out Sister

  4. Happy birthday CC. Have a good one.

  5. Yesterday's songs, posted on the last day of your 59th year on the planet, were far superior to todays.

    1. Agreed - with the possible exception of Blondie

  6. A very happy birthday to you CC! Yes, Rol's Top 100 countdown could provide your soundtrack for the day.

  7. Happy Birthday CC.

    When I started blogging nearly five years ago the big 6-0 seemed a long way off but it crept up on me and back in June I decided to claim my only semi-decent pension. It's not much as I spent much of my working life in part-time jobs that fitted round childcare/speculative business ventures, but something during these tough times. Don't will the next year away too much but yes it will bring a new freedom and give you even more time for record collecting and blogging!

  8. All the best Stevie. I may have mentioned this before but you share your birthday with Lynn.

  9. Happy birthday Stevie. Have a good one

  10. Hope you're having a great birthday, CC.

  11. I was awol on your big day CC, so allow me to belatedly wish you many happy returns. Hope it was a good 'un.

  12. Far far too late I know but hope you had a good day. You are of course a mere chicken yet!