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Friday, 10 July 2020

.... Off The Bone

I was struggling to think of something to post today so here is ... Off the Bone by The Cramps to keep you going until I come up with something.

From 1983 on the Illegal label it is a compilation of 16 previously released tracks by the band although my copy is a CD version from1987 on Zonophone which contains two extra tracks.
So sadly not the one with an anaglyth on the cover and a pair of paper red and blue 3D glasses inside  the sleeve for viewing it.

Described by Sounds as a hell-fire cocktail of gutter riffing and chattering Rockabilly voodoo strum into which is dropped an electric sugar cube of psychedelic power

That's good enough for me

The Cramps - The Way I Walk

The Cramps - Garbageman

The Cramps - I Can't Hardly Stand It


  1. The second best set of songs that have appeared on this blog this week

  2. Happy to report I still own the vinyl version with the 3d glasses.

  3. Oh yes, 3D sleeve is great. I pulled this out recently too. Nothing like the Cramps for a blast of what's real.

  4. Great, CC - you can't beat the Cramps for blowing away the cobwebs.