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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Dead Reckoning

2020 Charity Shop Purchase 26 The Jellyman's Daughter - Dead Reckoning

The  raison d'être of this blog is finally back! At the weekend I donned a mask and visited a couple of charity shops (those that were open) on  Glasgow's Victoria Rd my first such excursion since  pre lockdown March.

My first purchase was Dead Reckoning the 2018 second album by The Jellyman's Daughter on the Boat Duck label.
The are a folk duo from Edinburgh consisting of Emily Kelly on vocals, mandolin and acoustic guitar and Graham Cox on vocals,cello,mandolin, acoustic guitar, piano and e-bow acoustic guitar (no me neither).
The name rang a bell as one of my pals has seen them play a couple of times

I'm finding it easier to dip in and out of it rather than playing it in it's entirity. These two song in particular put me in mind of Tracey Thorn  from Everything But the Girl's Idlewild album in places

Penned in silver ink on the inner sleeve is a dedication thanking Laurie for fangirling. Not that much of a fan girl to hang onto the album though.

The Jellyman's Daughter - I Hope

The Jellyman's Daughter - The Worst of it All


  1. Those two tracks are very good. Best on the album?

  2. Always good to have your raison d'etre returned.

  3. Jellyman's Daughter played in our local village hall last year. Unfortunately I couldn't get the night off, but I was tempted.

    Glad you're back in the shops.

  4. Fangirling? Come again? I am 108 years old though.