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Friday 31 January 2020

Belle and Sebastian Write About Love

You know the drill by now. Wall to wall country with the occassional Belle and Sebastian record thrown in for good measure
Belle and Sebastian Write About Love their 8th album from 2018 becomes the third album of theirs in as many months to cross the CC threshhold as well as the Legal Man single.

I don't think I can count it in my chronological charity shop purchases for 2010  as it was acquired by Mrs CC.
Their later albums  are appearing more frequently in charity shops  these days. Probably because when compared to their early ones they are not that good.
Certainly this one falls into that category.
The best thing about it is probably the song titles - Calculating Bimbo  and The Ghost of Rockschool.
These two just about pass muster. The first one appears to feature the actress Carey Mulligan

Belle & Sebastian -Write About Love

Belle & Sebastian -Read the Blessed Pages


  1. Never mind this nonsense, have you got the newly remastered Howard Jones album One to One?

  2. You know, I think I might have missed this one completely. You're right, recent efforts haven't been up to much. They had one out last year which was ok , but it seemed to be half made up of old songs.

  3. You chose two of the three songs I like from this one. I know quite a few people who gave them up for good by this point.

    1. The completist in me is happy to pick them up at a pound a pop Brian

    2. I get it. You don't have to tell me, CC. Wish I had paid a pound for it, that's for sure.

  4. Me too, I blinked and missed this one. Take your eye off the ball and look what happens. I agree though sadly that their later stuff pales in comparison. They're in good company in that regard though.