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Friday 17 January 2020

The Days of Wine and Roses

I've been an admirer of Steve Wynn's music since the early 00's when I picked up Here Come the Miracles (2001) and Static Transmission recorded with the Miracle Three (2003)
I saw him play one of the best sets I've ever seen at the Continental Club in Austin on a sunny Saturday afternoon  and subsequently saw him play somewhere on the Cowgate in Edinburgh.
I also saw him live and acoustic at King Tuts in 2002 as part of Song Circle with Walter Salas-Humara and Robert Fisher.

More recently I've started to explore his work as part of The Dream Syndicate.
I started off with 1984's Medicine Show as it featured Merritville which I had acoustically and John Coltraine Stereo Blues which came to my attention via Drew
The Dream Syndicate were on the go from 1981- 1989 prior to Steve going solo but reformed in 2012.
I picked up last year's These Times which is excellent reaching the dizzy heights of number 3 in my albums of the year.

I'm continuing to jump about time wise in that my latest acquisition from the band  is their first full length album from 1982 The Days of Wine and Roses
Joining Steve are Karl Precoda on guitar, Kendra Smith on bass and occasional vocals and Dennis Duck on drums .
A bit raw in places but still some excellent guitar work and raw energy. You can hear some Lou Read and Dylan influences but it puts me more in mind of The Gun Club.

Blender magazine have rated it number 99 in their 100 Greatest Indie-Rock Albums Ever

There are a few others out there still to explore

The Dream Syndicate - Definitely Clean

The Dream Syndicate - That's What You Always Say


  1. I loved the original Dream Syndicate incarnation and much of Steve Wynn's solo work, but haven't spent anywhere near enough time with the reformed line-up's recordings. Must put that right.

  2. My fave of theirs. Precoda rules.

    1. Jason Viktor in the current line up is not too shabby either

  3. The two albums since the reformation are very good. But I was pissed off with the no download with the latest album, so much so that I took to Twitter and Steve Wynn sent me a link for the album