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Friday 10 January 2020

Wojtek the Bear

Wojtek the Bear was a bear who was adopted by the Polish army  and who was subsequently enlisted and promoted to a colonel.
It is a fascinating story which can be read here.
Wojtek lived out his later days in Edinburgh Zoo prior to shuffling off to bear heaven in 1963 at the age of 21.
The fact that he ended up in Scotland and entered Scottish folk lore may go a way to explaining why  four young men from the West of Scotland decided to christen their indie pop band Wotjtek the Bear.

They released their debut album A Talent For Being Unreasonable on the excellent Scottish Fiction label in May 2018 and it is well worth checking out
The price is certainly not unreasonable.

This was followed up fairly recently by the EP Old Names for New Shapes which is also very good and available here

You know what to do. In the meantime here is Postcode to whet your appetite.

Wojtek the Bear - Postcode


  1. I'm not one to go Ahhh! at animal stories and I haven't here cos something tells me this one's been massaged up a tad for effect (I'm a hard nosed churl aren't I?) BUT I did like the Postcode track and will be checking this band out further. Nice post

  2. I'm afraid I am one to go Ahhh! at animal stories! Fascinating and unusual tale, thanks for the education CC.