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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

There Stands The Glass

I was looking through some old posts when I stumbled across a post featuring Van Morrison's version of Things Have Gone to Pieces from his country album Pay the Devil.
I then put it up against George Jones' version which obviously blew it away

Van's album also features There Stands the Glass which was first made famous by Webb Pierce.
Webb's version is pretty good as well but neither come remotely close to matching the magnificence of the version by the late great Ted Hawkins.
Another artist who had Andy Kershaw to thank for his 15 minutes of fame in the UK

I thought I had a version by George Jones but apparently not. Maybe too close to home

Van Morrison - There Stands the Glass

Webb Pierce - There Stands the Glass

Ted Hawkins - There Stands the Glass


  1. Your first track is surpisingly not total nonsense. But it's Webb Pierce for me. Can't find a version by George Jones

  2. Jerry Lee Lewis did a pretty good job with it, but the Ted Hawkins cover is best.

    The weirdest cover of the song was a revved up version by Half Man Half Biscuit for an Andy Kershaw session. Just goes to show HMHB had a wide range of musical interests.

  3. Was going to mention the HMHB version. Have an mp3 of it somewhere.