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Thursday 2 January 2020

Magnetic Music

The other day I was looking in the darkest recesses of the shelves for a song by De Rosa for my Alasdair Gray post. I thought it was called Lanark but it turns out it is actually New Lanark which wouldn't have fitted the post.
Which is just as well as I couldn't find it anywhere although I'm sure I have it.
I then stumbled on a CD called Magnet New Music Sampler Volume 29 which looked interesting given that it features the likes of the Jayhawks, Jay Ferrar, Black Keys, The Pernice Brothers and The Legendary Shack*Shakers.
Prior to dispensing it back to whence it came I thought it meritted a spin. It contains nothing startling, some right old rubbish and one or two that required further exploration.

Chicago band Troubled Hubble actually get a Wiki page of their own albeit that it is pretty sparse. Given that the sampler is from 2003 I think it is safe to assume that Nancy is from their album Penturbia on Latest Flame Records

Chubby or The Chubbys has proven harder to pin down. It appears that So Gone is from the album Is It Time? on the Gigantic Music Group

Heth appears to be Heth Weinstein who released an album Clean on Rebel Ray Records.
He also recorded an album with his brother Jed as Heth & Jed called Between the In and the Out.

I shall now let them all slide back into obscurity

Troubled Hubble - Nancy

Chubby - So Gone

Heth - So Easy

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