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Sunday, 5 January 2020

Legal Man

In between Christmas and New Year I had my last charity shop visit of the year.
I went to Clarkston Toll on Glasgow's South Side where there are a number of charity shops one of which is Oxfam.
It was tough but I resisted the temptation to buy a Huey Lewis and the News album for £5.99 or a Fall album for £100 (no, I haven't  missed out a decimal point).

I was however happy to fork out 50p for Legal Man a Belle and Sebastian single on Jeepster Records from May 2000.
It's nothing special although it apparantly reached as high as number 15 in the UK singles charts.
The title song features The Maisonettes.
Thankfully the second song on the single Judy is a Dick Slap is an instrumental,the first one they released
The final song Winter Wooskie is the last one to feature bass player Stuart David.

That is probably more information than you need

Sorry - forgot the songs!

Belle and Sebastian - Legal Man

Belle and Sebastian - Judy is a Dick Slap

Belle and Sebastian - Winter Wooskie


  1. Legal Man is a belter of a tune CC.

    has the pricing guy from Byres Road moved to the Southside shop now?

  2. I think this was the last thing I bought by B & S.

  3. You got a good one here, my good man. The albums have always been an easy find in this part of the world, but the singles and EPs always take extra effort.

  4. Did you spell Huey that way just to aggravate me?

    1. I could blame it on Autotext but it is my bad.
      No offence intended!

    2. Shame. You must try harder to aggravate me. Ask George for advice.