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Thursday 9 January 2020

The Blues Collection - Texas Blues

Texas Blues is number 78 in the Blues Collection series and is one of the few compilations of various artists as opposed to concentrating on  the one artist.

Two Blues legends in the shape of  T-Bone Walker and Blind Lemon Jefferson contribute a couple of songs each but the bulk of the acts are less well known and have less songs which were actually committed to vinyl.
It is only fair then that we feature a couple of the less well known.
The first ticks those boxes and another in the relatively rare section in that the artist was a woman. Here is Hattie Burleson on vocals on Sadie's Servant Room Blues recorded in Dallas in 1928. We are almost getting to the centenary of some of the songs in the Collection now

Black Boy Shine's real name was Harold Holiday who was a songer on pianist, who recorded for Vocalion in Fort Worth (1935), San Antonio, (1936) and Dallas,(1937) Gamblin' Jinx Blues is from his Dallas sessionon 15th June 1937

Hattie Burleson - Sadie's Servant Room Blues

Black Boy Shine - Gamblin' Jinx Blues

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