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Friday 24 January 2020

I Burn But I Am Not Consumed

I'm sure that Trump's Impeachment Trial will go along party lines but we've got to hope that a little of the mud sticks.

If nothing else it gives an opportunity to post I Burn But I'm Not Consumed - Karine Polwart's powerful,poetic and dramatic statement in respect of  the Trump presidency.

Karine has form in this department given that Cover Your Eyes the first song on her 2012 album Traces takes the Donald to task for the environmental damage caused to the sand dunes following the construction of his golf course on the Menie Estate at Balmedie in Aberdeenshire.

I Burn But I am Not Consumed is written from the perspective of his mother Mary Anne Macleod who was born on the Isle of Lewis with the title being the motto of the Clan Macleod.

And you, you are a broken boy , and you want more and more and more.

Available on her 2018 album Laws of Motion which she released in conjunction with her brother Steven Polwart and friend Inge Thomson which you can get from here

Karine Polwart - I Burn But I am Not Consumed

Karine Polwart - Cover Your Eyes

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  1. Hadn't heard that track (I Burn But I Am Not Consumed) before. It is as you say quite (and quietly) compelling. Played it and most importantly bought it. Thanks for the link. What a great motto that is by the way - I'd have killed to have come up with a line as good as that. Sounds almost biblical. Just googled it actually and .....phew no, it seems the 'good book' missed out on that one!