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Sunday, 12 January 2020

First Charity Shop Purchase of 2020

My local charity shop is currently doing 3 CDs for a pound. However on my first visit of the year I only saw one that interested me which resulted in the price rising to 50p.

I knew absolutely nothing about Lucette or the 2019 album Delexue Hotel Room on the Thirty Tigers label
However  the blurb on the back sleeve was enough to make me take a punt
Firstly it is produced by Sturgill Simpson
Lucette, who's name is actually Lauren Gillis, the blurb states is an Indie-Pop artist from Edmonton,AB Canada- her sophomore album Deluxe Hotel Room is a step away from the Americana sound of her previous record Black is the Color, produced by Dave Cobb, with more R&B,pop and soul influences

That was enough for me to pounce.
A terrific find as it is very good indeed. Don't be put of by the term R&B , this review by Americana Highways sums it up pretty accurately.

I'm off to track down Black is the Color

Lucette - Deluxe Hotel Room


  1. In your experience, does the quality of your first charity shop purchase of the year prove to be a predictor of the quality of the year ahead? Asking more in hope than expectation

    1. Sadly probably downhill from now on in Ernie although I'm trying to be more discerning - blind punts apart

  2. I have just spent the last few quid of my tax dodgers token on Black Is The Colour

  3. .......and judging by the snippets heard, it is even better than Blue Is The Colour